Makueni County Sexual And Gender Based Violence Policy 2020

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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Makueni

Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) is a major human right violation that largely affectswomen and girls across the globe and in Kenya too where SGBV is equally widespread acrossthe counties. In the context of Makueni County, SGBV occurrences are quite common withvariations across different forms and geographic locations. The concept of SGBV is oftenmisunderstood and generally taken to mean women only issue and that means that men andboys are often left out of the SGBV dialogue and perceived as opponents rather than partners inSGBV prevention. It is evident that men and women, boys and girls are all affected by SGBVand all have an important role to play in changing social attitudes and preventing SGBV. Thismisunderstanding often leads to misinformation, misinterpretation and a hindrance to the fightagainst the vice.SGBV in its various manifestations negatively affects individuals, their families and the entirecommunity. At the individual level, SGBV results in pain and psychological trauma. At thesocietal level, SGBV often results into breakdown of the family unit. Economically, SGBV resultsin an economic burden on Governments in terms of increased spending on health care, socialservices, the civil and criminal justice system, absenteeism from work, and lost productivity andoutput. SGBV creates an unequal political landscape in which all those affected are denied theopportunity to participate in decision making for development.Despite the efforts made by the Kenyan Government and other stakeholders to address SGBV,gaps still exist in the law and policy frameworks. This therefore calls for efforts to adopt amultifaceted approach to tackle SGBV menace both at the national and couty level. Therefore,this policy will create a framework for a holistic response to incidences of SGBV with theintention of minimizing its scourge within Makueni County. Upon full implementation of thepolicy, it is expected that it shall benefit the entire society in combating SGBV and createconducive environment free from violence for all.The achievement of the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in this policy calls forconcerted efforts by all public service institutions in the County and other stakeholders. Thedevelopment of the policy was through a participatory and consultative process with all relevantstakeholders and as such its implementation binds all individuals and offices dealing with allcategories of SGBV within the County.

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