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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Makueni

Safety in the workplace is a concern for all employees and employers worldwide. Policymakers and governments all work to ensure that both are safe from any imminent danger thatcould otherwise compromise the realization of the organizations objectives. Sexual violenceand harassment in the work place has become critical and threatens to tear apart theorganizational fabric in many countries today. Too often sexual harassment has been viewedas 'just a woman's issue however, men also fall victims of sexual harassment and violence.Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination that occurs when unwelcome sexual advancesor a wide range of verbal or physical sexual conduct unreasonably interferes with a personsjob or creates an intimidating or offensive work atmosphere.Men and women are likely to experience and perceive sexually harassing behaviorsdifferently because of gender inequality and culturally prescribed expressions of sexuality.Both women and men suffer sexual violence and harassment but current statistics show thatwomen are more disadvantaged than men and with more consequences respectively.In many instances women are significantly less tolerant of harassment and are thus morelikely to see these behaviors as coercive and harmful. They are more likely to perceive theharasser negatively. To men, their masculinity encourages them to perceive of themselves aspredators or protectors rather than targets (victims) of such harassment behavior and in mostcases will not report the incident.The harassment syndrome in general is found in all age and sex groups but never the less,young women remain the most frequent targets. The Government of Makueni County has laidemphasis on the need to provide a harassment-free workplace and adoption of a clear policyon sexual harassment.According to the current records in the Human Resource Department, the total number ofCounty staff is 3465 out of whom 2074 are female. The staff audit conducted in 2015revealed that out of the total number of staff 0.51% of County employees were PLWDs.

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