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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2016
County Makueni

Social protection programmes can be a powerful tool in the battle against poverty andinequality as they can tackle multiple dimensions of poverty and exclusion in the County.Social protection can play a fundamental role in creating more inclusive and sustainabledevelopment pathways by liberating people from the fear of poverty and privations and byhelping to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty.Only if people have access to educational opportunity, quality and affordable health care,adequate and nutritious food, secure shelter and basic income security, they will be able tobecome or remain productive members of the workforce, or remain dignified members of asociety that are not dependent on accidental charitable support even if no longer active inthe labour market, - and only then will societies be able to sustainably reduce poverty,inequality and to ensure social peace and inclusive development.Social protection is an essential investment that contributes to economic growth andmakes growth more pro-poor while directly reducing poverty. It not only tackles incomeand poverty but also provides an effective, tangible and direct conduit to maximize humandevelopment objectives, including better nutrition, gender equality health, reduceinequality and education outcomes as envisioned under the Sustainable DevelopmentGoals (SDGs).The right to social protection is closely connected with other social protection rightsincluding the right to the highest attainable standard of health as enshrined in the Bill ofRights under the Constitution. It also includes the rights to equality and freedom fromdiscrimination, human dignity, right to access basic education, freedom of movement andresidence, reasonable working conditions, fair administrative actions, access to justice, andthe resolution of disputes in a fair manner and through public hearing before a court orindependent and impartial tribunal or body.This Policy seeks to provide the administrative and institutional framework for theprovision of Social Protection and inclusion to all persons in Makueni County. Article 43 ofthe Constitution guarantees all Kenyans economic, social, and cultural (ESC) rights,including rights to health, education, food, and decent livelihoods. It asserts the right ofevery personto social security and binds the State to provide appropriate social securityto persons who are unable to support themselves and their dependants. The CountyGovernment will endeavour to offer social protection in its totality i.e. social assistance;social security; Livelihood support and health insurance.Towards this end the GMC, in support of this national function, seeks to establish a localstrategy for realization of the same. This Policy establishes the County Psycho-socialsupport centres, identifies the most vulnerable groups in the County, introduces capacity videvelopment initiatives for women and vulnerable groups at village polytechnics, setsstrategies for social protection and inclusion, outlines the principles and objectives of socialprotection, and lays the institutional framework for implementation.The Policy recognizes and builds on existing national as well as county social protectioninitiatives such as various empowerment funds(county empowerment fund, youthenterprise fund and uwezo fund), education bursaries, school feeding programmes, feewaivers in public health facilities, Orphans and Vulnerable Childrens (OVC) programme,older persons cash transfer, empowerment programmes for PWDs , scholarships amongothers.The achievement of the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in this policy calls forconcerted efforts by all public service institutions in the County and other stakeholders.The development of the policy was through participatory and consultative approach withthe stakeholders and as such its implementation binds all individuals and offices dealingwith all categories of vulnerable groups in the County.

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