Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Makueni

The Budget implementation report highlights progress made in implementation of the MakueniCounty Government for the Financial Year 2019/20, ending 30th June 2020. The report captures thestatus and level of implementation of the budget by 31st March 2020. It also presents the keychallenges that faced budget implementation during the reporting period and appropriaterecommendations to overcome these challenges.The total budget for the year under review was revised to KSh. 11,179,640,781.72. The revisedbudget comprised of Kshs 6,332,077,325.27 for recurrent (57 Percent) and Kshs 4,847,563,456.45 fordevelopment (43 Per cent).The County Budget is funded from five main sources namely; shareable revenue from the NationalGovernment of Kshs. 7,406,100,000.00 (66 Per cent), FY 2018/19 reallocation funds amounting toKshs 1,736,017,000.72 (16 Per cent), own-source revenues Kshs 655,235,126.00 (6 Per cent),conditional allocations Kshs 289,996,121.00 (3%) and other loans grants Kshs 1,291,402,368.00 (10Per cent).By end of third quarter for Financial Year 2019/20, the total revenue receipts amounted to Kshs.6,386,665,019.30 representing 68% per cent against the target of Kshs 9,443,623,781.00. The Countyhad received 72% of the Equitable share, 47% of the conditional allocations, 52% of the other loansand grants and mobilized 54% of the own source revenues.The overall County Expenditure for the period ending 31st March 2020 amounted to Ksh.5,553,388,059.74 translating to an overall absorption of 50 per cent. The performance is expected toimprove significantly in the remaining 3 months due to the ongoing enhancement if the performancecontracting systems and the completion of the ongoing development projects.

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