MAKUENI COUNTY Wealth Creation And Socio Economic Transformation

Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2016
County Makueni

The unveiling of the Makueni County Vision 2025 is a historic milestone in ourcounty development pathway.This long term development blue print for the County is aimed at socio-economictransformation by the year 2025. The vision aims at achieving accelerated andinclusive economic growth and development; improved access to quality waterand health services, access to quality education, increased job creation, increasedhousehold incomes and sustainable food security.Vision 2025 adopts a sectoral planning approach to facilitate allocation ofresources to related activities in order to accelerate the desired growth by linkingspecific sectoral activities to outcomes.These priorities have been aligned to well-defined programmes, correspondingoutputs and targets for the planning period. This approach will provide amechanism for feedback on the effectiveness and efficiency in the implementationof the programmes and projects.The preparation of the Makueni Vision 2025 is anchored on the SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs) and the Kenya Vision 2030. The Vision 2025 will beactualized in two successive County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) andtakes cognizance of the annual stepwise planning process that culminates intoAnnual Development Plans (ADPs).The vision is a product of several consultative and participatory forums. Inputsfrom different groups including citizens, development partners, professionalsand the elected leaders were sought and incorporated.I thank you for your contributions and reiterate the commitment of mygovernment to deliver the aspirations of this vision.

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