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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Mandera

This County Budget Review Outlook Paper (CBROP) was prepared as required by section 118 ofthe Public Finance Management Act, 2012. It reviews the actual fiscal performance of the financialyear 2017/2018 and makes comparisons to the budget appropriations of the same year. It alsoprovides the recent economic developments and the updated economic and financial forecastwith sufficient information to show changes from the forecast in the County Fiscal StrategyPaper (CFSP) of February, 2018.In reviewing the fiscal performance, this paper analyzes the performance of county own revenuein the FY 2017/2018. It has included the total revenue collected and made comparison to thebudgeted revenue for the same year. In addition, possible causes of the low local revenueperformance are also highlighted.The paper also provides ministerial expenditures for both recurrent and developmentFor the year under review. A comparison of actual performance against targets for FY 2017/18 isprovided.The preparation of this CBROP will be an important tool that will help in the formulation of2018/19 budget and will also provide foundation for the 2019 CFSP.Through proper panning, the county intends to achieved maximum fiscal discipline that ensureproper management of public resources and delivery of expected output. To ensure transparencyand accountability, the county executive will involve and relay budget performance andmanagement reports to all county stakeholders as required by the constitution 2010 and PublicFinance Management Act, 2012.In line with presidential directive of zero tolerance to pending bills, the county starting with the2018/19 supplementary budget, will clear all pending debts including low value projects to createa debt free regime.

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