MARSABIT County Annual Progress Report (C APR)

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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Marsabit

Successful implementation of projects and programmes requires an efficient and effectivereporting framework. An effective framework facilitates tracking of progress and assessmentof status of implementation of key policies, programmes, projects and provides mitigationmeasures for the challenges. This has necessitated the development of this county annualprogress report framework to track achievements, challenges and recommendation made onthe CIDP 2018-2022 during the first year of implementation as specified in the AnnualDevelopment Plan, ADP 2018/19.The C-APR establishes agreed parameters for departmental priorities in the CIDP and offersto have their performances at these levels tracked down for effective service delivery. Theoutcome indicators will be tracked through a series of reports to be produced at the end ofeach financial year. These reports will be produced by the respective departments in linewith the sectoral and annual plans.The respective departments should carefully determine the outcome targets so that alldevelopment efforts aim towards the highest possible achievements within the timeframe ofthe CIDP but within the scope of availability of resources. Consequently, this APR frameworkis a transparent tool for use by all development partners including citizens who can do theirown tracking of the County Government achievements. This framework also considers themainstreaming of crosscutting issues including gender, climate change and environment andhuman rights.This framework is expected to be the foundation of a series of monitoring reports includingAnnual Development Reports (ADRs), Quarterly Reports and Semi-Annual Reports. All thesereports expected to be produced are part of the reporting obligation by the CountyGovernment under Public Financial Management Act, 2012 and County Government Act,2012. Therefore, this framework is an important tool in the performance monitoring as theindicators selected for County reporting are core to the departments sector plans and resulttracking. The framework will be by extension form the basis for formulating county projectsand programmes achieved targets and amendments of the respective County Departments.

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