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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Marsabit

This County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) is the second under Marsabit Countys newadministration led by H.E Gov. Mohamud Mohamed Ali. It sets out the policy goals andstrategic priorities that will form the basis for formulation of Countys Financial Year 2019/20budget and the Medium Term. The Paper is prepared in accordance with the Public FinanceManagement Act, 2012. The County priorities and goals outlined herein are based on theGovernors Manifesto and the transformative agenda pursued by the county leadership as wellas sectoral plans and the National Governments The Big Four Plan as contained in the 2018BPS; all anchored on the Vision 2030, Kenyas development blue print.The county government recognizes the importance of planning and the close linkages betweenpolicy, planning and budgeting. In this regard, the county Treasury has prepared the 2ndgeneration County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) covering the period 2018-2022waiting for approval at the County Assembly. The CIDP captures our shared vision andaspirations for the next five years and beyond as the county administration strives to steerthe county towards economic prosperity.The fiscal framework presented in the paper for the medium term will guide the Countygovernment in ensuring that there will be efficiency and effectiveness in the implementationof our development policies. As outlined in the previous CFSP 2018, this paper is part ofefforts by the County Treasury to continue with expenditure and financial managementreforms as well as containing growth of non-priority expenditures in order to create fiscalspace for financing priority policy areas. The county government will enhance the budgetaryallocations to the productive sectors and closely monitor implementation of projects andprogrammes that will have the desired impact on the lives of our people. These sectors willno doubt help in unlocking the economic potential of Marsabit County.The 2019 CFSP lays the foundation for our transformative agenda for the medium term andwill guide the preparation of the FY 2019/20 budget. We remain alive to the fact thatachievement of our shared objectives calls for greater transparency, effectiveness andefficiency in public financial management in order to ensure fiscal discipline.

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