Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2017
County Murang'a

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 provides for two distinct and interdependent levels ofgovernment the national and the county governments. The Constitution article 220(2) makesit mandatory for every County to prepare Development Plans. The County Governments Act,2012 states that each county shall prepare a County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP)which shall be the basis for all budgeting and spending of public funds. In addition, everycounty government is expected to plan for the county and no public funds shall beappropriated outside a planning framework developed by the county executive committee andapproved by the county assembly. The county integrated plan focuses on economic, physical,social, environmental and spatial planning.According to the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 the budget process for countygovernments in any financial year shall begin with an integrated development planning processwhich shall include both long term and medium term planning which will in turn inform thecounty budget estimates and establish financial and economic priorities for the county over theshort, medium and long term. The purpose of the CIDPs is to provide comprehensiveguidelines in budgeting, project funding, monitoring and evaluation of all the projects for thenext five years.The first CIDP for Muranga County is a historical milestone. Apart from providingcomprehensive guidelines in project identification, implementation and evaluation, it alsofacilitates proper coordination with the national government and other stakeholders in order toimprove the well-being of the county citizens. In addition, the integrated development planningframework formulated will enhance linkage between policy, planning and budgeting.The projects and programmes in this CIDP were identified through various consultative forumsat the county level as provided for in the County Governments Act 2012. This was donethrough public participation forums which included electronic media sessions through localradio programmes, MTP II consultations as well as those on the county Medium TermExpenditure Framework. At the beginning of every financial year, annual work plans will bedrawn to outline projects to be undertaken during that year.It is my expectation that increased participation by a wide cross section of the people duringidentification, planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of projects andprogrammes will empower the people of Muranga to their realize social, political and economicdevelopment.

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