Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2013
County Nyamira

...The constitution of Kenya 2010 and Kenya Vision 2030 and its second five-yearimplementation framework, the Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2013-2017 provide thefoundation for the preparation of the first County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP)2013-2017 which will be instrumental for the actualization of the desired aspirationscontained in the key national development blueprints and our affirmations to internationalideals espoused in the MDGs at the County level. This will be done through themultifaceted interventions in partnership with the development partners and enhancedroles of the private sector through the Public Private Partnership arrangements. It is ourfirm belief that this will ultimately lead to the realization of the high quality of life asenvisioned for all citizen of Nyamira County, including those in the Diaspora.For us to be in tandem with Results Based Management, the driving force for the publicservice delivery, my government will sign and uphold a Performance Contract gearedtowards realization of CIDP during the planning period. The main focus, as a departurefrom the past, will now be to activate periodic reviews of CIDP implementation. Thiswill also include mid-term evaluation for necessary development reorientations.After requisite publication of the CIDP, my government will hasten the dissemination tolower levels including the wards. This will be an opportune time to reinforce ownershipof the plans and apportion responsibilities towards their implementation.1 wish to register my appreciation to all those who have been relentless in the technicalbackstopping of the entire CIDP preparation process through the consultative forumsorganized by the County Development Planning secretariat. Their contributions hasenabled us to take stock of the county development needs and challenges and documentthe critical county specific alignments and interventions necessary for spurring countygrowth and development.In particular, technical support was provided by Heads of departments in my LineDepartments, Parastatals, Non-governmental organisations and National Government.We thank them for their tireless and magnanimous support towards the successfulcompletion of the CIDP in the entire county. The CIDP preparation process faced anumber of challenges that were finally surmounted through the sheer determination andcommitment of those involved. It was indeed a learning process for all.Let me recognize the supportive roles by the Honourable Members of Parliament,Senator, women representative and the entire political leadership including the wardrepresentatives. Their pivotal role is duly recognized in the leadership and mobilizationof their community members and through their various representatives in the diverseconsultative forums that were instrumental in the CIDP preparation processes. Theypassionately and in a participatory manner gave their opinions on the desired vision andfuture of their County that spurred the inspiration of those involved.To realize the envisaged benefits from the Plans, critical leadership from the politicalfront will be a key ingredient to inculcate ownership and responsibility towards theactual implementation of planned programmes and projects, as well as the mobilizationfor the general collective will for participation by the citizenry

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