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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2016
County Nyandarua

One of the key stages in the county budget cycle is the preparation of theCounty Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP). This is an annual paper that shows thevarious fiscal strategies a County Government intends to employ to meet itsoverall objective of improving the livelihoods of its citizens.As a build-up on the County Budget Review and Outlook Paper (CBROP) 2015which analysed the performance in the 2014/2015 financial years budget,scanned the current years fiscal environment and provided an outlook for the2016/2017 and the medium term, this CFSP shows the allocation ofresources in all sectors and programmes. Key considerations in all the sectorsare the priorities as put forth in the CIDP 2013-2017 and the ADP for the2016/17 FY. In ensuring fulfilment of the 2016/17 budget aspirations, whosetheme is Achieving sustained development and economic empowerment of thepeople, the following pillars will need to be addressed:a) ContinuousImprovement of the Infrastructural facilities within the county; b) Investing inquality and accessible health care services and quality education; c) Offeringquality and accessible services to the people; d) Improvement in resourcemobilization for sustained development; and e) Tapping the under exploitedand unexploited resources.The main sources of County revenue in the medium term will be equitableshare from National Government, local revenue collections and donorfunding. In the 2016/17 FY and the medium term, the County Governmentproposes a series of measures to increase revenue and balance its fiscalspending The County will thus focus on strengthening the potential it isendowed with to stimulate economic growth and development. The CountyGovernments fiscal policies in 2016/2017 will focus on re-orientation ofexpenditure from recurrent to development.

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