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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2017
County Nyandarua

The County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) highlights policy priorities of the CountyGovernment of Nyandarua for implementation over the medium term. The policies includesfive transformative pillar strategies focusing on: (i) Continuous improvement of theinfrastructural facilities to transform the County economy; (ii) Investing in quality andaccessible health care services and quality education; (iii) Offering quality and accessibleservices to the people; (iv) Improvement in resource mobilisation for sustained development;(v) Tapping the under exploited and un exploited resources.The County is dependent on the economic performance of the globe and Kenya and istherefore hooked on the formulation and implementation of practical strategies and policieson the basis of the global and Countrys economic performance. Kenyas economy continuesto be robust and elastic, basically as a result of effective structural reforms and reliableeconomic policies. On the same note, Nyandarua County is operating on a generally stablemacroeconomic environment appropriate for attaining the stated policy priorities and betterservice delivery. Thus, it is prudent to have a strong economic underpin and fiscal disciplineto aid in the creation and proper utilization of resources. The CFSP outlines the MediumTerm Fiscal Framework, which offers mechanisms for entrenching sustainable growth anddevelopment for efficient service delivery in Nyandarua County. This calls for openness,transparency, accountability, responsiveness, and abiding by the rule of law to facilitate fiscaldiscipline and maintain macroeconomic stability.The main sources of County revenue in the medium term will be equitable share fromNational Government, local revenue collections and donor funding. In the 2017/18 FY andthe medium term, the County Government proposes a series of measures to increase revenueand balance its fiscal spending. The County will thus focus on strengthening the potential it isendowed with to stimulate economic growth and development. The County Governmentsfiscal policies in 2017/2018 will focus on re-orientation of expenditure from recurrent todevelopment.This paper therefore puts into perspective how the County anticipates to expend its scarceresources in the 2017/18 FY and the medium term.

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