Year of Publication 2018
County Nyeri

It is with profound pleasure that I present to you the Annual Development Plan (ADP) for the2019/2020 fiscal year. The plan has been prepared in accordance with Article 220(2) of theConstitution of Kenya and section 126 of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012.The ADP contains priority development programs and projects that have been identified forimplementation during the FY 2019/20. The projects and programs are geared towardsaddressing development challenges that the County must progressively respond to in order toachieve its vision of A wealthy County with happy, healthy and secure people.The plan was developed in a consultative and participatory manner in line with the constitutionalrequirements for public and stakeholder participation in public decision making. In addition,development of the plan took into account proposals contained in the Nyeri County IntegratedDevelopment Plan (2018-22), Medium Term Plan III of the Vision 2030, respective SectorialStrategic Plans as well as Sustainable Development Goals.Further, the plan proposes projects and programs that will address the Big Four agenda namelyconstruction of affordable houses through promotion of the use of cheap and appropriate buildingtechnologies and redevelopment of the existing housing estates. It has also proposed value additionon agricultural produce so as to increase incomes and create employment for the youth. In thehealth sector, the proposed programs and projects will ensure universal health coverage will bea success. Through the proposed irrigation projects, water conservation measures, extensionservices and provision of affordable farm inputs, food security will be achieved as we move awayfrom reliance on rainfed agricultural practices.The information contained herein is expected to inform and guide the budgeting process for thecoming financial year. This will include the preparation of the County Fiscal Strategy Paper for the2019/20 financial year and ultimately the budget estimates for the same period. The Countygovernment has limited resources and may not adequately finance all the proposed projects andprograms contained herein and therefore we are all called upon to identify and approach otherinstitutions to fund some of the activities.We are also called upon to use the limited resources prudently for maximum benefits to our peopleSuccessful implementation of this CADP will result into better delivery of services to mwananchiwhile contributing immensely to the growth of the local economy

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