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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Nyeri

The 2018 County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) sets out the County Governments priorityprograms and reforms to be implemented in the Financial Year 2018/2019. The programs andpolicies herein have taken into account priorities enunciated in the CIDP 2018-2022, the ADP2018/2019, Medium Term Plan III of the Kenya Vision 2030 and Jubilee AdministrationAgenda and particularly the Big Four.The 2018 CFSP is framed against a backdrop of improving global and regional economicprospects. Global growth is projected to improve to 3.7 percent in 2018 up from 3.6 percent in2017. The positive global outlook reflects recovery in investment, trade, and industrialproduction, coupled with strengthening business and consumer confidence. Similarly, growthin sub-Saharan Africa is projected to pick up, albeit with variations across the region. At thesub region, the East African Community economies continue to record relatively highereconomic growth supported by stable macroeconomic environment, on-going infrastructureinvestments and strong private consumption. On the domestic front, our economy has remainedresilient, with growth supported by a stable macroeconomic environment, resilient domesticdemand and ongoing public infrastructural investments.The County Government envisage to provide an enabling environment for economic growthand job creation, quality services to its citizens, and serve the residents in an accountable andtransparent manner. In order to achieve this, we have identified, through a consultative process,thirteen priority areas. These are: Agriculture and Food Security; Resource Sustainability;Investment Attraction, Retention and Expansion; Accessible and Quality Health Care;Enhancing Basic Infrastructure; Leverage on Technology; Trade, Tourism and Enterprise;Spatial Planning and Housing; Efficient and Effective Public Service; Education andTechnology; Youth Empowerment and Sports; Financial Sustainability and Resilience; and anengaged Citizenry.The policy goals, priority programs and fiscal framework in this CFSP reflect emergingrealities and priorities in the ADP 2018-2019 and CIDP 2018-2022.The policy intentions outlined in this CFSP are a product of wide consultations with all stakeholders within and outside the county. I would like to thank the entire County leadership forsteering the preparation of this document as we all move together in building a united andprosperous Nyeri.

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