Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Nyeri

Chapter eleven of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, provides fordevolvement of key government functions to the county level. Inparticular, the fourth Schedule of the constitution, clearly sets outthe distribution of functions between the National Government andthe County Governments. Article 220 (2) (a) of the constitutionplaces a key responsibility on the National Government in terms ofprescription of the structure of the county development plans andbudget. Amongst the enabling pieces of legislation contemplated inarticle 220(2) (a) is the County Government Act. 2012 where in Section 108 envisions a five-yearCounty Integrated Development Plan with clear goals and objectives; an implementation plan withclear outcomes; provisions for monitoring and evaluation; and clear reporting mechanisms. Itsagainst this backdrop that my Government presents the second generation County Integrateddevelopment plan for the plan period 2018-2022.The second Nyeri County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2018-2022, was prepared to guideplanning and budgeting at county level. It is also the key component of the County PerformanceManagement Framework (CPMF) that incorporates the development priorities that my Governmentwill pursue in the next 5 years.The CIDP provides an integrated development planning framework to enhance linkage betweenpolicy, planning and budgeting. The CIDP is expected to contribute to the realization of aspirationsof Kenya Vision 2030 and its Medium Term Plans and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) atthe county level. The second CIDP will build on the achievements of the first CIDP which wasimplemented in the period 2013 to 2017.This CIDP articulates my governments priorities and outlines the policies, programs and projectswhich the county government intends to implement during the five years from 2018 to 2022 in orderto improve health care provision, food security, road network and the living standard of the residentsof the County as well as job creation, especially for the youth. It has also internalized PresidentKenyattas Four Big Agenda of his Governments second term which is anchored on enhancing andaccelerating food security, manufacturing, universal health care and affordable housing. The main 14objective of CIDP 2018-2018 is to transform lives of the county residents by harnessing the diversesocio-economic opportunities available for exploitation.The CIDP was prepared through an inclusive and wide consultative process in conformity with theConstitution of Kenya and other guiding legislations. The programs and projects contained in theCIDP and priorities were set out in consultation with all stakeholders to address the developmentchallenges faced by the community. The Nyeri CIDP, during its preparation was aligned to nationalplans notably the Kenya Vision 2030, Medium Term Plan III, of Vision, 2030 and the National SpatialPlan. The CIDP has, in addition, been aligned to international commitments and specifically theSDGs.The implementation of this plan requires the support of all: the political leadership including theCounty Assembly of Nyeri, the residents of Nyeri County, development partners, the private sectorand all stakeholders. Its implementation will improve service delivery and generate economic growthnecessary for job creation and the improvement of living standards of our people.I would like to thank all stakeholders led by the people of Nyeri County for their contribution in thedevelopment of this Plan. I particularly commend the Executive and the Honorable Members of theCounty Assembly of Nyeri County for their continued dedication and commitment to providingquality services to the people.I call upon all the stakeholders to join hands in the implementation of this Plan and work hard torealise our aspirations as the residents of Nyeri County. Finally, it is my humble appeal to all friendsof Nyeri County to support these initiatives to uplift the livelihoods and wellbeing of our people.

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