Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Nyeri

The County Annual Development Plan (CADP) for the 2021/2022 has been prepared inaccordance with Article 220(2) of the Constitution of Kenya and section 126 of the Public FinanceManagement Act, 2012. It contains priority development programs and projects that have beenidentified for implementation during the FY 2021/2022 aimed at providing solutions to thedevelopment challenges facing the County in order to achieve its medium term vision of A wealthyCounty with happy, healthy and secure people.This plan has been developed in a consultative, all-inclusive and participatory manner and hasbeen aligned to the Nyeri County Integrated Development Plan (2018-22), the Big Four agenda,Medium Term Plan III of the Vision Kenya's 2030, respective Sectoral and Strategic Plans as well asSustainable Development Goals. In this regard, the ADP has identified county developmentobjectives in all sectors and proposed programs which are designed to meet the respectivesectors development objectives.By providing the review of the previous years performance, this plan singles out gains to beconsolidated and bottlenecks to be overcome during implementation of subsequent plans.However, this development plan has come at a time when the global economy has been hard hitby the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic that led to loss of jobs, closure of businesses and generaleconomic slowdown. This plan should therefore prioritize on incentives geared towards postCOVID-19 economic recovery to stimulate the growth of the countys economy.This document is intended to inform and guide the Medium Term Expenditure Frameworkbudgeting process for the financial year 2021/2022. This will include the preparation of theCounty Fiscal Strategy Paper, 2021 and ultimately the budget estimates for the FY 2021-2022.However, the county government resources are inadequate to finance all the projects andprograms proposed in the ADP. Consequently, there is need to identify and approachdevelopment partners and other institutions to finance some of the activities. We are also calledupon to use the limited resources prudently for maximum benefits to our people.The Annual Development Plan will therefore, provide all stakeholders with important informationnecessary for carrying out participatory monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs,as a way of informing the citizenry about the county performance in development agenda. Thefeedback obtained through participatory monitoring of projects and programmes will be used tomake evidence based decisions at both the County and National level as well as enhancing valuefor money in the countys strategic investments.

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