Participant Goals And Principles Of The Kenya County Budget Training Workshop

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Publisher International Budget Partnership (IBP)
Year of Publication 2016
Category Policies and Guidelines Handbook
County All/General
Description The workshop has TWO UNDERLYING PRINCIPLES. These principles relate to ways of thinking you should learn through the training as a whole. The box below highlights the two principles.
 1. After the workshop, you should understand that good budget decisions are based on reasonable justifications and public deliberation about those justifications. Throughout the workshop, identify the reasons for decisions taken in the budget, whether those reasons are adequately explained in key documents, and whether it is clear that there was (or could be) public deliberation on the basis of what the documents contain. At the same time, hone your own skills of deliberation and practice providing adequate justifications for the inputs you wish to give into the budget process. You should leave the workshop with a clear sense of what constitutes a reasonable justification and what to look for in budget documents and participation processes supported by the county.
 2. After the workshop, you should understand the importance of relative changes and comparisons in conducting budget analysis especially with regards to prioritization. Budgets are about choices and choices are about comparisons: between sectors, across years, and so on. While all functions of the county governments are important, not all can be prioritized at the same time given limited resources. In making choices about priorities, it is important to:
  • Compare the current year to previous years when looking at revenue and expenditure; to establish what is reasonable, what is ambitious, and what is improbable;
  • Compare sector/department allocations and expenditure to other departments;
  • Compare targets and actual revenues and expenditure; and
  • Compare across sub-national and sub-county units (such as wards) to look at issues of equity in the budget.
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