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Publisher World Bank
Year of Publication 2016
Category Papers and Articles
County All/General
Description STEP 1: Choosing the general strategy
STEP 2: Preparation of the organizational model
STEP 3: Develop informational materials and mobilization of citizens
STEP 4: First public meetings
STEP 5: Technical Evaluation of proposals
STEP 6: Publishing of final list of PB proposals to be submitted to public vote
STEP 7: Voting period or voting day
STEP 8: Creation of spin-off or Voluntary Working Groups on the winning proposal(s) to better detail the project(s )
STEP 9: Approval of budget, and announcement of the formal ratification and inclusion of the project(s)/proposals in the Public Budget for the next year and evaluation of the pilot and (eventual) re-writing of rules for next year
STEP 10: Monitoring of the implementation of proposals
Tags Counties / General


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