Rural Piped Water Supplies In Ethiopia, Malawi And Kenya: Community Management And Sustainability

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Publisher Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)
Year of Publication 2002
County All/General

...This Field Note describes community management ofrural piped water supplies in Ethiopia, Malawi and Kenya.These countries all have extensive rural piped waterprogrammes that have been operating for many years andare widely regarded as successful. The purpose of the Noteis to examine the effect of community management onthe sustainability of the water supplies. This sustainabilitydepends both upon the quality of the infrastructure itselfand upon its sound operation and maintenance, which inturn costs money so cost recovery is given particularemphasis in this Note.

Tags rural, piped, water, supplies, in, ethiopia, malawi, and, kenya, community, management, and, sustainability, Rural Piped Water Supplies in Ethiopia, Malawi and Kenya: Community Management and Sustainability, Water & Sanitation


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