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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2017
County Siaya

A review of organizational performance at the end of an operating year is a criticalmanagerial concept. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the successes, failures andchallenges experienced during the year as well as draw lessons from the challenges toinform future programming and project implementation. The Budget Review and OutlookPaper (BROP) affords such an opportunity to government entities of which the CountyGovernment of Siaya is one.This BROP gives a detailed analysis of actual fiscal performance of the CountyGovernment of Siaya for FY 2016/17 against the estimated budgetary allocations for thesaid FY. From the analysis, overall absorption rate for FY 2016/17 increased by 11percentage points as compared to FY 2015/16 which had an absorption rate of 78 percent.Absorption rate of development budget was 63 percent compared to 56.8 percent for FY2015/16. This achievement was realized despite the resource envelope for FY 2016/17exceeding that for FY 2015/16. The year to year comparison of Own Source Revenue(OSR) for FY 2016/17 and 2015/16 showed an increase of 27.5 percent. Theseachievements are testament of sustained managerial changes aimed at improving servicedelivery.The 2016/17 budget was implemented on the backdrop of heightened political activitiespreceding the 2017 general elections. Stringent conditionality's imposed by the nationaltreasury to access funds slowed down implementation of key programs and projects.This notwithstanding, overall performance was satisfactory and the lessons learnt willinform managerial decisions in future.Going forward the county government will scale down on micro green field projects infavor of modernization and operationalization of existing ones and large-scale capitalinvestments with greater impact to the citizenry.

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