Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Taita-Taveta

This is the third plan in a series of Annual Development Plans to be implemented during the 2018-2022 plan period. Priority programs and projects captured in this plan have therefore beencarefully designed to build on the gains made from implementing the first CIDP while focusingahead. These programs and projects when successfully implemented will feed into the broaderagenda of Transforming Siaya through: socioeconomic empowerment, agribusiness andinfrastructural developmentDevelopment planning is a critical concept to organizations and the County Government of Siayais no exception. It is premised on the reality of scarce resources and the need to therefore selectkey programs and projects for implementation in any fiscal year out of the many developmentaspirations that may prevail at that time. It is out of the realization of the critical nature of thisconcept that it was included in various legal instruments in the country. The preparation of theAnnual Development Plan is particularly provided for under section 126(3) of the PFM Act 2012that among other things requires the County Executive Committee Member responsible forplanning to not later than 1st September of each year submit the Annual Development Plan to theCounty Assembly for approval.Implementation of programs and projects in the 2013/17 CIDP was largely characterized bymicro projects dotted across the various wards of the county. While these projects were critical inbringing services closer to the citizenry and opening up the county for investment, minimalbudgetary allocations led to delayed completion and therefore transfer of benefits to the targetbeneficiary. The 2018/2022 planning period therefore endeavors to shift focus from microprojects to major capital investments and the 2020/21 ADP captures that spirit.Implementation of this plan will require the input of various stakeholders operating within andwithout the borders of the County Government of Siaya. This will be achieved throughnetworking and coordination with key stakeholders, both within and outside and in particular,bringing on board Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and other development partners for thebenefit of the citizens. Critical in the implementation of the plan is coordination with otherdevolved funds in the County to eliminate duplication.In conclusion, all programs and projects captured in this plan are critical in unlocking theeconomic potential of this county. I therefore invite all players to be part of this transformationagenda.

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