Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Siaya

The unveiling of the second County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2018-2022 marksan important milestone in our county development as it comes soon after the successfulimplementation of the first CIDP whose theme was to Transform Siaya through:socioeconomic empowerment, agribusiness and infrastructural development over theperiod 2013 to-date. Indeed, the last five years represent the foundation phase of sustainedeconomic development in our county in all sectors of the economy notably; agriculture,infrastructure, wholesale and retail trade the social Sectors of health, education and socialsecurity as well as ICT.The plan will be implemented through annual development plans, annual work-plans andmedium-term rolling budgets, with the first one covering the period 2018-2019. Thus, theperformance of the government should in future be gauged on the basis of these medium termbenchmarks.The preparation of this Plan is anchored in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010; the CountyGovernments Act, 2012; and the Public Finance Management Act, 2012. While preparingthe plan a broad cross-section of the population was involved through public participationfora and submission of memorandas in the month of February 2018. This formed part of theinputs that went into the final document as required by law. The Plan therefore, reflects theaspirations of the government and that of the people of SiayaAs we are all aware, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are internationally acceptedstandards for measuring progress towards human development and poverty alleviation,therefore as we pursue the county development agenda it is important to note that, ourprogress will not be measured by the many outputs we achieve but on how these outputs arecontributing in the achievement of the shared internationally accepted goalsThe journey to 2022 will require; sacrifice, hard work, self-discipline and determination. Iam confident that, the people of Siaya and staff of the county government of siaya will beequal to the task as we implement the second CIDP. I therefore, call upon all the stakeholdersto play their part in the implementation of this plan whose theme is county transformationthrough; enhanced Service and Development so as to improve the living standards of thepeople. The county government on her part is committed to provide an enabling environmentfor effective and efficient service delivery.

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