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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2017
County Taita-Taveta

The objective of the 2017/2018 Annual Development Plan is to kick off the County Governments budgetingprocess by setting its medium term priorities. The 2016 CADP provides details of the County Governmentsprograms, setting out the major capital projects to be undertaken, goods and services to be acquired,performance indicators, and budgets, under each program. It also provides a description of how theCounty Government is developing its resources, and responding to its economic environment.This CADP has been prepared based on experience accumulated in the execution of the previous budgets, andthe implementation of projects and service delivery activities, since 2012/2013. The focus of the last threeplans has been on the implementation of Quick wins micro and medium size projects at community levelwhose aggregate impact has been the transformation of the lives of the people of Taita Taveta.The County Government has so far completed the implementation of over 500 projects across the differentsectors. The County Government has also established the DATU Sawazisha Fund and the Bursary andEducation Loan Fund, with significant positive impact on the lives of the people of Taita Taveta. At the sametime, the County Government has constructed markets, opened up roads and undertaken routinemaintenance of existing roads. The provision of office space and transport to the implementing departments,which was a major challenge in the initial stages, has now improved, as the County Government has leasedoffices and purchased adequate operation vehicles.This Plan articulates short term strategies, programs and projects to be implemented under the MediumTerm Expenditure Framework (MTEF) during the 2017/2018 financial year. The County priorities to beimplemented during the 2017/18 Financial year include:-1. Environmental management and Increasing access to water for domestic, livestock and irrigation.2. Ensuring food security and wealth creation through investing in value addition in agriculture,Livestock and fisheries Production.3. Investing in quality, accessible and affordable health care services.4. Ensuring quality education through development of ECDE and Library services5. Empowerment of Youth, women, and vulnerable members of the community through strengtheningof the social safety net6. Investing in physical infrastructure including ICT.7. Promotion of tourism, trade and industry8. Land planning ,management and promoting mining9. Further decentralization for improved access and provision of services10. Enactment of enabling institutions (Policies and legal framework)The execution of the County Governments development agenda has however been faced with variouschallenges which include low total annual revenue which cannot match expenditure expectations. TheCounty Governments average annual revenue between 2013 and 2016 has been ksh3.5 million. Otherchallenges include a high wage bill, shortage of key personnel in the critical areas of health, livestock, roadsand public works departments and unpredictable flow of funds from the National Treasury.This CADPs orientation also takes advantage of ongoing major National Government projects. These includethe Standard Gauge Railway, the Tarmacking of the Mwatate Taveta Road, Land Titling, the Expansion ofIkanga Airstrip, the construction of a Gemstone center at Voi, the Agriculture Sector Development SupportProgram, the Disease-Free Zone program, a Proposed Kenya Pipeline depot, the construction ofTechnical Training Institutes, and security operations in the National Parks and adjacent areas to stamp outpoaching and illegal grazing. Further, the County government in conjunction with the National Governmentis set to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Coast Institute of Technology (CIT) to temporarily hostKenya Medical Training College (KMTC)-Voi Campus, as construction of the proposed KMTC is undergoing at Moi County Referral Hospital. All these projects are expected to have positive impact on the socioeconomic environment of the county.This Plan is divided into two chapters as follows:Chapter One: This provides a brief background of the County in terms of its area, administrativedivisions, main physical features, and settlement patterns. It also provides summarydata essential for making informed development planning decisions.Chapter Two: This sets out departmental priorities, strategies, programs and projects proposed forthe FY 2017/2018.This Plan estimates that the County Government will require Kshs.6.6 Billion to drive its development agendafor FY 2017/18. Funds estimated at Kshs 4.6 Billion are expected to come from the equitable share fromNational Government, Local revenue and conditional grants from the National Government and developmentpartners. The remaining amount will be sourced from donors and Private-Public Partnership arrangement.The success of this CADP can only be attained with the cooperation of all stakeholders, who include theCounty Government, other elected leaders, NGOs, and the community. I therefore call upon all of them toselflessly play their respective roles as provided for in the Constitution of Kenya as well as other relevantstatutes.

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