Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Taita-Taveta

This County Annual Development Plan (CADP)-2019/2020 is the first one to be prepared under thesecond County Government of Taita Taveta. The document is prepared in accordance with the PublicFinancial Management Act-2012 section 126(1-4) and Article 220(2) of the Constitution of Kenya.The objective of the 2019/2020 Annual Development Plan is to lay the basis for the CountyGovernments budgeting process for FY 2019/2020 by setting its medium term priorities. This CADPprovides details of the County Governments programs, setting out the major capital projects to beundertaken, goods and services to be acquired, performance indicators, and budgets, under eachprogram.These priorities have been drawn from the County Integrated Development (CIDP)-2018-2022 andaligned to the objectives of the Kenya Vision 2030. The Governors manifesto has also informed theproposed strategies and programs.The County priorities to be implemented during the FY 2019/2020 include the following: -1. Increasing access to clean, quality and potable water for all households, schools and healthfacilities.2. Improved food security and community resilience through provision of adequate water forirrigation and livestock throughout the County.3. Improved households income and livelihood though value addition and marketing.4. Investing sufficiently in quality, accessible and affordable health care services includingprovision of prerequisite equipment, drugs and health personnel.5. Ensuring quality education through development of ECDE and Library services, equipping ofschools and enhanced bursaries allocation6. Provision of quality infrastructure including improved roads network, ICT, quality housingand adoption of alternative sources of energy7. Employment and wealth creation through provision of conducive environment necessary forthe establishment of cottage and small and medium industries.8. Preservation and promotion of Taita Taveta cultural heritage through establishment ofcultural centers and branding of our culture and artefacts.9. Environmental protection and conservation for sustainability and posterity.10. Empowerment of Youth, women, and vulnerable members of the community throughestablishment of small scale cooperatives, talents identification and nurturing and improvedaccess to cheap and affordable credit.This Plan is divided into two chapters as follows:Chapter One: This provides a brief background of the County in terms of its area,administrative divisions, main physical features, and settlement patterns. Italso provides summary data essential for making informed developmentplanning decisions.Chapter Two: The chapter sets out departmental priorities, strategies, programs andprojects proposed for the FY 2019/2020.vii | P a g eThis Plan estimates that the County Government will require Kshs.9.2 Billion to drive itsdevelopment agenda for FY 2019/2020. An estimated Kshs 4.8 Billion is expected to come from theequitable share from National Government, Local revenue and conditional grants from the NationalGovernment. The remaining amount will be sourced from development partners, other donors andPrivate-Public Partnership arrangement.

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