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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2014
County Taita-Taveta

This is the first County Fiscal Strategy Paper, prepared by the county government of TaitaTaveta under the overall leadership of its governor, H.E. Eng. John Mtuta Mruttu with theaim of advancing the countys social and economic growth strategy. The preparation of thisstrategy paper is yet another effort to ensure effective linkage between policy, planning andbudgeting. It does so by specifying the broad strategic priorities and policy goals that willguide the County in preparation of its 2014/15 financial year budget and over the mediumterm.This strategy paper takes cognizance of the fact that it is only by addressing variouschallenges that continue to hold back the county from achieving its full potential. Some ofthe challenges are underpinned by the international and the national social and economicchallenges. Therefore the County Fiscal Strategy Paper is critical in positioning the Countysocial and economic growth strategy and also by building on past successes that the countywill establish a strong basis for social and economic transformation.The strategy for this transformation agenda covers nine broad areas namely: Extracting our underground immense wealth and exploiting it to create tangiblewealth, providing employment opportunities for our citizens and spurring economictransformation. Investing in agricultural transformation to expand food supply, reduce food prices,support expansion of agro-processing industries and spur export growth; a foodinsecure county is an insecure county. Invest in transformational methods ofagriculture, with the main objective of feeding its people and creating wealth for thepopulation. Especially, this sectors potential to create wealth remains untapped.The county government will therefore ensure this potential is fully exploited. Themarket for agricultural products is immense, both local and international Investing in livestock farming and value addition. This is a whole industry withpotential to feed the whole county in addition to providing employment to our idleyouth. Investing in education. In our county the education standards are shamefully low.Devolved or not there is need to make a deliberate effort in enhancing the standardsof education. Substantial resources should be invested here for this county to have aface in the country. Investing in quality and accessible healthcare services as well as social safety net toreduce the burden on the households and complement and sustain our long termgrowth and development; our old and young people need proper medical care. Tourism, culture, art, social services and natural resources; awaken this sleepinggiant to provide jobs and grow the economy. Though a large proportion of therevenue realized by national government emanate from this county, the proportion 4that remains in this county is negligible. Deliberate effort must be made to ensurethat the county benefits from this resource. creating conducive business environment in order to encourage innovation,investment, growth and expansion of economic and employment opportunities; Land is a core factor of production. Inventory of all public land in order to identifyopportunities for attracting local, national and international investors will be done.In addition physical infrastructure projects particularly on roads, water, energy andICT have a multiplier effect to other development sectors and therefore are keystrategic projects Further entrenching devolution for better service delivery and enhanced ruraleconomic and social development.Hence, apart from providing the county resource envelope and presentation of a fiscalframework for the next budget (2014/15) and the medium term, the strategy paper givesthe indicative ministerial (departmental) ceilings in line with sector key strategic objectivesas they link with the above key broad areas of focus. Resource allocation has therefore beenpremised on the county strategic priorities and on the principle of funds follow functions.These priorities are as set out in the Taita Taveta County Integrated Development Plan(CIDP) 2013-2017, the countys first such plan which was developed through a participatoryprocess.

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