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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2015
County Taita-Taveta

In the 2014 County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP), we set the policy priorities of the CountyGovernment of Taita Taveta for implementation over the medium term period (2014/15-2017/18). The policy strategy is aimed at advancing the Countys Social and economictransformation anchored on nine broad areas: (i) Investing in agricultural transformationto expand food supply, reduce food prices, support expansion of agro-processing industriesand spur export growth; (ii) Investing in livestock farming and value addition; (iii)Investing in education; (iv) Investing in quality and accessible healthcare services as wellas establishing a social safety net to reduce the burden on the households; (v) Investing inTourism, culture, art, social services and natural resources (vi) creating a conducivebusiness environment in order to encourage innovation, investment, growth and expansionof economic and employment opportunities; (vii) Extracting ourimmense undergroundresources and exploiting it to create tangible wealth; (viii)Carrying out an inventory of allpublic land in order to identify opportunities for attracting local, national and internationalinvestors, and (ix)Further entrenching devolution for better service delivery and enhancedrural economic and social development.We have made tremendous progress in most sectors under the Nine transformative socioeconomic pillars . This is seen in completion of 8 projects in health, 27 projects in publicworks, roads and infrastructure, 8 in education, 17 in water and irrigation, 17 in Livestock,veterinary and fisheries and 10 projects in agriculture. The county is currentlyimplementing over 300 projects in various parts of the County and sectors.In the implementation of the county development agenda we have had various challengeswhich includes:-Inadequate and erratic flow of funds from the equitable share and nonedisbursement of the equalization fund, declining local revenues, increasing expenditurepressure due to the wage bill, inadequate enabling laws and policies, inadequate staff incritical areas and lengthy procurement process.In this 2015 County Fiscal Strategy Paper(CFSP), we review the progress made in the 9pillar thematic economic transformative strategies spelt out in the 2014 CFSP. In additionwe shall build on the achievements realized in most sectors. This CFSP has also incorporatedviews and submissions collected during County Budget and Economic Forum and budgetpublic participation meetings held in all the wards. In the policies set out in this CFSP, weshall scale up efforts to address existing as well as emerging challenges.The 2015 CFSP re-emphasizes the socio-economic transformative policy adopted in 2014CFSP as a basis to ensure; access to credit for youth employment; improving access toquality social services; Increasing agricultural and livestock production. In addition, effortswill be made to continue improving access to water in both urban and rural areas. Toreduce the cost of doing business and attracting investments, the County government willimprove key infrastructure such as roads, communication network, automation of servicesand marketing systems.Apart from providing the countys resource envelope and presentation of a fiscal COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF TAITA TAVETA2015 COUNTY FISCAL STRATEGY PAPER Page 3framework for the next budget (2015/16) and the medium term, this 2015 CFSP gives theministerial (departmental) ceilings in line with sector key strategic objectives as they linkwith the aforementioned key broad areas of focus. Resource allocationtherefore, continues to be premised on the county strategic priorities as set out in the TaitaTaveta County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2013-2017and on the principle ofresources follow functions.Linkage of this strategy paper with the CIDP has helped to meet a key requirement of thePublic Finance Management Act, 2012 which calls for congruence between the countyfiscal strategy papers and national development goals including the Vision 2030 and theMillennium Development Goals (MDGs). This CFSP has also been aligned to the NationalTreasury 2015 Budget Policy Statement (BPS).

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