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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Taita-Taveta

The Taita Taveta County 2019 Fiscal Strategy Paper sets out the framework for thepreparation of the 2019/20 budget in accordance Section 117 of the Public FinanceManagement Act, 2012. It articulates key economic policies and fiscal strategies as well assector-based expenditure programs that the County intends to implement for therealization of the County Integrated Development Plan(CIDP) 2018-2022.The Medium-Term Expenditure Framework aims at ensuring efficiency and effectivenessin the implementation of the development activities outlined in the 2019/2020 CountyAnnual Development Plan(CADP). This is aimed at creating a conducive fiscalenvironment, adequate for financing of priority programs and projects by thedepartments in the County.The County Government is dedicated towards prudently utilizing the available resourcesand enhancing fiscal discipline so as to improve the living standards of all Datuzens. TheCounty Government will continue to implement policies aimed at ensuring food andnutrition security, promotion of value addition, investment on infrastructure and supportespecially the small and medium enterprises so as to expand employment opportunities.The County government will in the meantime continue to pursue strategic measuresaimed at tackling numerous structural, fiscal and human resources related challenges.These challenges include:a. Low Own Source Revenue(OSR) generation which in turn hinder developmentexpenditureb.Huge amounts of pending bills on projects, stalled and abandoned projects as aresult of poor budgeting and expenditure management as well as disregard to theprovisions of the PFM Act,2012c. Corruption and pilferage of public fundsd. Low absorption capacity by departments on development votee. Low human resource productivity due to lack of motivation and unconducive workenvironmentThe County government will continue to engage with the National Government andvarious Donor agencies to bridge the financial gap especially in critical areas of water,health and infrastructure.This strategic paper is divided into 4 chapters:Chapter 1 gives the general overview and rationale for preparation of this document. Italso highlights the major achievements made and challenges faced by the countygovernment during its first year in office(2017/2018). The chapter outlines the fiscalperformance of the county interims of revenue generation and expenditure analysis.Chapter 2 outlines the economic context in which the 2019/2020MTEF budget will beprepared. It provides an overview of the recent economic development and macroeconomic outlook covering the national and county scene. It further provides a basis forthe projections of revenue and expenditure for FY 2019/2020 and the medium term.Chapter 3 outlines the fiscal framework underwhich the 2019/2020 budget will beivbased. It briefly highlights the countys resource envelop for 2019/2020 and furtherpresents the spending priorities for the next budget.Chapter 4 finally presents the sectors and departmental spending ceilings for 2019/2020budget and the medium term.

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