Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Tana River

One of the most significant changes introduced to Kenyas national governance framework underthe new constitutional dispensation is 47 new county governments with significantresponsibilities in agriculture, health, trade, roads, county planning and other functions beingdevolved to the county level. The Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Kenya Vision 2030 and itsMedium Term Plans, the 2013 CIDP End Term Review report, Ending Drought Emergencies by2022 and its Common Program Framework, provided the foundation for the preparation of theSecond County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP II) for Tana River County. This SecondTana County Development Plan, will be used in the allocation of scarce resources to priorityprograms and projects.The Kenya Vision 2030 is the countrys development blueprint covering the period 2008 to 2030.It aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a highquality life to all its citizens by the year 2030. The Vision is based on three pillars: Economic,Social and Political Pillar. The pillars are supported by key enablers and macro foundations ofthe Vision. For each of the Pillars and the key enablers and macro foundations, priority sectorshave been identified to drive the aspirations of the Vision. The Vision has also identified anumber of flagship projects to be implemented across the country for all sectors. The CountyGovernment has identified county-specific flagship projects and programs that will beimplemented at county level and work with the national government to ensure these projects areimplemented.The preparation of this Second County Integrated Development Plan is based on the CountyGovernments Act, 2012 and Public Finance Management Act, 2012. These laws require everycounty to prepare a County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) upon which utilization of fundsearmarked for the counties will be expended. The County Government of Tana River like anyother County Government, is required to prepare an Integrated Development Plan to enableprioritization of local socio-economic development issues.This Second County Integrated Development Plan is a five-year blue print that highlights thesocio-economic challenges faced by the County, strategies for resources mobilization, projectsand programs to be implemented in order to address the socio-economic challenges.The County government is composed of the County Executive and County Assembly. TheCounty Executive is expected to supervise the administration and delivery of services to citizens ivas well as conceptualize and implement policies and county legislation. On the other hand, theCounty Assembly is a legislative organ and plays an oversight role over the Executive. TheCounty Government of Tana River like any other County Government, is required to prepare anIntegrated Development Plan to enable prioritization of local socio-economic developmentissues.The preparation of this CIDP II was done through a participatory process that involved variousstakeholders including; county and national government officers, community members, privatesector, Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) anddevelopment partners. The identification of the projects and programmes in the CIDP II alsoinvolved various public consultative forums held at ward level. The views collected in the forumswere consolidated by the CIDP II technical team (secretariat) and subjected to the stakeholdersfor validation. Subsequently the document was handed over to the County Executive for onwardforwarding to the County Assembly for approval and adoption.

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