Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2021
County Trans-Nzoia

This is the Sixth County Annual Development Plan and it has been prepared in line with section 126of the Public Finance Management Act 2012, and as stipulated by the Article 220(2) of theConstitution. The Plan outlines the proposed strategic priority development programs andprojects that will be implemented in the financial year 2020/2021.County Governments have a very critical responsibility to undertake in the development of thecounty as enshrined in schedule four of the Constitution of Kenya. The County Government canonly fulfill its mandate through the formulation and implementation of appropriate policies andstrategies that spur investment, create opportunities, enhance residents income earnings andestablish an effective and efficient public service delivery system. This plan therefore outlines ashort term road map of key priority programs for implementation during the coming financial year2020/2021 in fulfillment of the county governments obligations to the people of Trans Nzoia.The priority development programs and projects set in the ADP 2020/2021 have originated fromthe County Integrated Development Plan, (CIDP) 2018-2022. The plan is anchored to the Nationallong term plan, the Vision 2030, the big four agenda and other international commitments like theAgenda 2063 and Sustainable Development Goals. The plan seeks to catapult the county into adevelopment trajectory and promote the well being of the county residents. It further aims atconsolidating the development gains realized during the implementation of earlier developmentinitiatives in the county.This Annual development plan is a product of responses from citizens public participation and widestakeholder engagement. The County line ministries/sectors played a critical role in providing inputthat shaped this plan. The preparation process began by issuance of circular to all the countydepartments. The circular contained the guidelines for preparation of Annual Development Planfrom the Council of Governors and the National Treasury and state department for Planning.The sectors programme and projects were developed by the Sector Working Groups during workingsessions. The technical backstopping was offered by Economic Planning secretariat. Inputs frompublic participation were also included. Compiled submissions from the departments were submittedto the County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic Planning for review withthe cabinet and onward submission to the County Assembly for deliberation and Approval. TheCounty assembly Committee on planning and budget also provided input for the development of thisplan.The major projects and programs that have been identified in this 2020/2021 to provide thedevelopment needed to transform Trans Nzoia Countys economy include; Completion andoperationalization of Trans Nzoia Teaching and Referral Hospital, Construction of Kitale BusinessCentre, Extension of Water gravity schemes, sinking and equipping boreholes, value addition ofagricultural and livestock products and promotion of trade and investment. Further, ECDE andvocational institutional development, provision of learning materials and equipment are among theprograms to be implemented in the Education sector. Crop diversification, promotion of moderncost effective crop farming technologies including, conservation agriculture, irrigation andgreenhouse, promotion of local poultry, provision of accessible, provision of affordable and highquality health care, provision of safe drinking water to county residents, improving the county roadnetwork and transformation of the county public service into an efficient and effective work forceare among other initiatives the plan has focused.xThis Annual Development Plan is also expected to provide the feedback necessary for carrying outthe monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes so as to enable informed evidence-baseddecision making at the County as well as National level. It is anticipated that successfulimplementation of the projects/programmes contained in this Annual Plan will contribute to betterdelivery of County goods and services, employment creation, faster economic growth, as well aspoverty reduction in the County.My appeal is to all those who will be implementing this plan, the stakeholders and other leaders ofthis County to provide the necessary support and cooperation to ensure that this plan is fullyimplemented for the betterment of the lives of our people and ensure a brighter future for posterity ofthis great County.

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