Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Turkana

This is the third plan in a series of Annual Development Plans to be implemented during the2018-2022 plan period. It is a transition plan from the 2013/17 CIDP to the 2018-2022 oneand its preparation has been informed by the need to provide linkage between the two sets ofplanning documents. Priority programs and projects captured in this plan have thereforebeen carefully designed to build on the gains made from implementing the first CIDP whilefocusing ahead, in accordance with Article 220 (2) of the Constitution of Kenya.The basis for preparation of the Annual Development Plan is particularly provided for undersection 126(3) of the PFM Act 2012. The County Executive Committee Memberresponsible for planning to submit the Annual Development Plan by and not later than 1stSeptember of each year to the County Assembly for approval. These programs andprojects when successfully implemented will feed into the broader agenda of Transformingthe county economy through infrastructure and socio-economic development.The 2020/21 ADP incorporates inputs of various stakeholders operating within the countyand outside. It draws its inputs from sectoral plans of the unit departments from the TurkanaCounty Government. Implementation of this plan will require the input from variousstakeholders operating within and without the borders of the County Government ofTurkana. This will be enhanced through networking and coordination with key stakeholdersand other development partners for the benefit of the citizens. Critical in the implementationof the plan is coordination with National Government to eliminate duplication of activities inthe County.In conclusion, all programs and projects captured in this plan are critical in unlocking theeconomic potential of this county. I therefore thank all players for being part of thistransformational agenda

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