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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Turkana

Turkana County Government has identified communications as oneof the fundamental pillars for development and communityempowerment. With todays empowered stakeholders who havediverse expectations, the role of communications is becoming moreimportant than ever before for any key player in service delivery.Communications has a key role in disseminating information, raisingawareness on government services and policies, advocacy andgenerally supporting decision making processes includingbehavioral change among communities through targeted campaigndrives in order to entrench the rule of law and create a Cohesivesociety.Public Communication is therefore essential in sufficiently raisingthe knowledge levels of the Turkana people on what they expect oftheir own County and national government and thereby identifyingtheir role for participation through dialogue and engagement.This Communications Strategy therefore creates a framework thatwill guide the county government in undertaking publiccommunications activities and media relations function in supportof the mandate of the ten implementing entities for governmentrepresenting the Executive arm of government, the Legislative armand also the semi-autonomous Public Service Board. It also definesthe public identity and sets the basic standards and guidelines forapplication.For the communication strategy to yield the desired results, theentire government team is expected to play their role in informingand influencing stakeholders and enhancing the reputation ofgovernment by collectively adhering to the vision, mission and corevalues.As a matter of fact, every single day, every officer in thegovernment has the power to influence the countys reputation bycarrying out his or her work with the highest level of integrity,acumen and in the public interest. As implementation of this strategy begins, I encourage the team toread through the document and participate fully in itsimplementation in order to achieve our target goals includingsuccessful implementation of the flagship projects as stipulated inour County Integrated Development Plan and other jointprogram with partners like UN/Turkana joint project under UNdelivery as One, the DFID public awareness component among manyothers with the public and private.

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