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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Turkana

The County Monitoring and Evaluation Directorates envisages to cultivate the culture ofaccountability, effective and efficient resource utilization across all the County departments. Thisis achieved through routine assessments and review of county departments commitments to thepeople of Turkana in the CIDP.Monitoring and Evaluation of these commitments is done in two main approaches, through CIDPKey Performance Indicators (KPI) review, done annually and routine monitoring ofDevelopment Projects Status. The department embarked on the process of Key PerformanceIndicators selection through the County Indicator Handbook development which is in thepublishing stage.While it is imperative to track the KPIs and the project status concurrently, the fact that theKPIs targets in the CIDP are annual makes it necessary to monitor projects and KPIs separatelyand only marry them in the annual M&E reports to wholesomely summarize the county annualperformance, this is evidenced by the fact that the project status reports have already been sharedwith the necessary stakeholders. This report is therefore a pure CIDP status report.This is expected to inform the county planning and budget allocation procedures.Under leadership of the Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, the department committed tocarry out a comprehensive CIDP status review based on the earlier on agreed CIDP indicatorspromulgated in the revised County Indicator Handbook 2018-2022.Seven teams were then formed to represent the seven sub counties namely, Turkana East,Turkana West, Turkana North, Turkana South, Turkana Central, Kibish and Loima. With theobjective of achieving their mandate, the teams visited all the county department with the datacollection template for population and later on visited all the wards with an intention ofascertaining from the ward Administrators and community representatives new governmentundertakings in their area and match them with the commitments of the government to thepeople of the same area in the ADP. The findings of the visit are compiled in this report.4This report is therefore a product of the concerted efforts and contribution of many people. Thecontent of this report is aimed to benefit both directly and indirectly all sections of thecommunity. Inputs from different cadres of the government and community were drawn from anarray of expertise of institutions and professionals. Their tireless efforts and guidance haveinformed different sectors and their contributions considered in the finalization of the report. Wewish therefore to express our gratitude to all those persons and institutions that participated inthis exercise.In particular, I wish to acknowledge the role of the Governor, H.E Josphat Koli Nanok, theCounty Secretary Mr. Peter Eripete and all CECs for their continued stewardship and support. Ialso wish to recognize Accounting/Chief Officers, Directors, Accountants and Field Officers ofvarious Entities in providing technical support in this endeavor in their respectiveministries/departments.

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