Turkana County Water, Sanitation Services Sector Strategic Plan 2017 2021

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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Turkana

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 recognizes that access to safe and sufficient water is a basichuman right. It also assigns responsibility for water supply and sanitation provision to the 47County Governments. In order to effectively implement this commitment and other relatedwater and sanitation related commitments in the Constitution, the County Water sectorrequires a sharp focus first, on ensuring a smoother collaboration between the two levels ofgovernment, and secondly, strengthening county leadership to achieve sustainable delivery ofimproved water services under this dispensation.At this stage in the development of this sector plan, the County is cognizant of the fact thatTurkana County, like most of the Counties in the Arid and Semi Arid Areas of Kenya is acounty endowed with extensive natural wealth and biodiversity. Yet, the County populationstill remains largely poor with limited access to and control of productive resources,especially by women and young people. In the Water Sector, there has been a generaldecline in both the quantity and quality of water for productive and domestic use. Duringdrought, reduced water tables are common leading to low yielding boreholes and longerwaiting times at the few water points available. Other changes include the drying of surfacewater sources, high siltation and long trekking distances. Better water governance istherefore key to unlocking some of the long established barriers to economic developmentof the County.Another key determinant of the content and direction of this plan for the water sector hasbeen the need to develop a much more responsive policy framework that is embedded inthe culture and ways of life of the Turkana County. In so doing, this policy recognizes thatpastoralism which is our culture and way of life, has the potential to form part of thecountys highly resilient livelihoods. Yet over the years, the capacities within these systemshave been eroded by policy disconnects in the past and continue to be overlooked as avehicle for economic development. Addressing pastoralism is certainly a wider developmentchallenge that straddles across multiple sectors for effective mainstreaming to happen. Forthe water sector however, we make an early recognition of this reality and integrate the keypriorities and policy measures necessary to respond to this dynamic in the county.In developing this sector plan for the waters sector, we have set out a benchmark throughwhich the County leadership will be measured. Our duty as a stakeholders now is to meetthe demands of these commitments for the benefit of the People of Turkana County.

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