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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Vihiga

...In addressing the myriad of challenges facing Vihiga County, it has become clear that traditional agro-forestry is fading away due to population pressure associated with diminishing land holdings.The emerging dynamics under existing policy and legal frameworks tend to slowdown promotion of on-farm forestry. Given that the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 requires farms to put at least 10% of their land parcels under forest cover, the need for agile policy and legal framework cannot be over emphasized.The County Government of Vihiga (CGV) has already developed and deployed a new Forestry Policy which recognizes the need for deeper development of the agro-forestry sub-sector as a means for rapid build-up of tree cover on private farms.Therefore this policy recognizes the institutional and legal framework outlined in The Vihiga County Forestry Policy and further established an agile order to the development of agro-forestry practices in the County. Consequently,in order to enhance livelihoods,the current weak institutional and legal frameworks are addressed. In particular there is need for robust institutional arrangements for optimal management of sub-catchments and water tower areas, water harvesting and storage facilities, trans-boundary waters, landscape restoration in community lands adjacent to gazette forests and protected community forests, and on private land holdings. Indeed the practice of agro-forestry is key to these policy pathways.Additional efforts involve the improvement of landscape management systems.The County is beginning to experience a rapid phenomenon of deterioration in soil and water conservation. With a steadily increasing human population growth, the demands for water and sustainable soil productivity are set to increase significantly. This situation may lead to a reduction in water level sand soil productivity, hence the need for strategic interventions envisaged by this policy, designed to address the cross-sectoral issues on water for production, agriculture, energy, forestry, among others. Thus we shall promote the agro-forestry concept in our landscape management as well as land use practices.In order to ensure good governance for the agro-forestry sub-sector, the CGV, through this policy, shall cause the establishment of responsive institutions, including the County Agro forestry Board. This action should streamline agro-forestry based products and their consumption. Last but not least, the recommended institutional and legal frameworks by this policy are set to effectively address the enhancement of incomes at farm level thus positively impacting on livelihoods of population in the county.

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