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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2014
County Wajir

...Objective of the C-BROP This is the second County Budget Review and Outlook Paper (CBROP)to be prepared in Wajir County. It provides a review of the 2013/14 fiscal performance and how this impacts the financial objectives and fiscal responsibility principles set out in the last County Fiscal Strategy Paper(C-FSP). The CBROP highlights the macroeconomic outlook which provides the basis for revision of the current budget in form of supplementary budget estimates and the broad fiscal parameters guiding the next budget and the medium term. The next C-FSP will however strengthen the details of the fiscal framework and the medium term policy priorities.The CBROP is a key document in linking policy, planning and budgeting. The County Government prepared a five year County Integrated Development plan (CIDP) meant to guide budgetary preparation and programming from 2013 onwards. This is vital in the preparation of annual budgets, management of public resources and prioritization of resources to key sectors.The sector ceilings for the second year of the MTEF are provided in C-FSP2014 and will form the indicative baseline sector ceilings for the next budget of 2015/16 though following the fiscal outcome of 2013/14and the updated macroeconomic framework these sector ceilings have been modified as indicated in the annex of this CBROP.

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